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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

There's Something About Clapotis 

I'm not usually much of a joiner. I don't really like to run with the crowd. This is probably due to the fact that I am a) stubborn and b) perverse. If you say, "go right!" then I'm going to go left; it's just the way I am. Neither of these things has ever helped me, but I don't see myself changing any time soon. However, I do occasionally get drawn to the inexorable pull of the majority. This is my relationship to that famous, infamous, beast-of-a-pattern, Clapotis. Everyone and their mother (and for once, that saying isn't actually an exageration, it's a statement of FACT) has knit one. Just for the hell of it, I googled the word "clapotis." Do you all know how many hits I got? Oh, about 400,000. That's beyond popular, that's a damn epidemic. It's true, a few of them are French* sites, but the first ones that you get are all knitting, all the time, baby. And this made me think: perhaps there is something special about Clapotis. I mean, there has to be, if everyone and their mother and their mother's dog and their mother's dogwalker has knit one. All the cool kids are doing it.

So, I jumped on the bandwagon. And it's done. And you know what? I love it. I really do. Picture time! Yay! Pardon the suck-tastic photos: I find that when I ask people to take a picture of me and my handknitted garments for my knitting blog they either point and laugh or just laugh, so I am forced to take them myself.

Traditional wrap:

clapotis 1


clapotis 2

I think I should make one of these in cotton, because wouldn't it make a fetching sarong?

clapotis 3

I can see why people make more than one of these things. Honestly, there are things that are popular for no discernible reason, and should be mocked as such. Exhibit A: fun fur (anyone of delicate constitution, shield your eyes!). Exhibit B: spelling scarves as "Scarfs." Exhibit C: knitting dishclothes. Sorry, dishcloth-lovers, that's what Bed, Bath, & Beyond is for. Can you tell I never pass up an opportunity to mock something? The point here is that some things are popular because people need someone or something to follow, even if it's only fun-fur "scarfs"/dishclothes (a fun-fur dishcloth -- now doesn't THAT sound hideous). But there's a reason that Clapotis is so popular: it's a great pattern. It's fun to knit, and wearing it doesn't suck either.

Other knitting updates, you ask? The Cabled Bandeau has stalled due to fit issues. I'm currently brainstorming a way to avoid frogging the entire thing again, while still being able to use it as more than a decorative tube-throw. I think I'll have to add sleeves to it (or get used to unexpectedly flashing all my friends, family, acquaintances, the mailman, etc). I have also begun the Lace Leaf sweater. Of course, the State of New York immediately obliged by moving into full-on, balmy Spring mode, so this project may be stalled until winter. Or I may be wearing this sweater in the sweltering heat of July. I also started a pair of socks, and another cotton, short sleeved sweater, because I have to knit SOMETHING that's appropriate to the season. Pictures of all those to come!

*And will someone please tell me what the frak (yes, I am the Dork El Supremo) Clapotis actually means? In French? I'm just saying that I occasionally wonder if it's a word for something odd. Or dirty.

You know, I kind of hope it's something dirty.
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