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Thursday, January 26, 2006

I need help, people. 

I think I may have some kind of knitter's version of ADD. I will say it again: I am sick and I need help. I am constantly seduced by a newer project and the newer yarn that goes with it. This has landed me with a total of 1 large shopping bag, 3.5 drawers and a closet shelf full of yarn in my dorm room, not to mention the sundry unfinished projects littered here and there. One might assume that now that I have admitted that I "have a problem," as they say in AA, I will be able to resist temptation and actually finish what I start. But if you assumed that, you'd be wrong.

Never let it be said that I am not, at the very least, a stubborn knitter. I may like to start new things, but if a project tries to get me down I'll do whatever it takes to beat my knitting at it's own game. Yes, I am attributing human emotions to my inanimate knitting; this is because I am more than a little bit crazy. You've been warned. Anyway, everyone knows how that old saying goes: If at first you don't succeed, try, try again! Now, normally I'm not much for happy-go-lucky words of wisdom, but I'd say that is a pilar of my knitting philosophy. And right now I'm feeling pretty darn optimistic, because the Cabled Bandeau is lookin' good! I don't really think I need to post a picture of it, since it looks pretty much the same as last time, except it's smaller. Like I was saying, it knocked me off its back, but I got right back on and showed it who's the boss around here. And it feels good to be back in the saddle, folks. The figurative, knitting saddle that is. I'm part way through the increases and sailing along just fine. I must say, Veronik Avery writes a good pattern. All her patterns are elegant, complex, and entertaining to knit. She lets form and function go hand in hand, instead of putting one ahead of the other like so many people do. I think I will have to track down more of her patterns. For whoever asked in the comments, I'm using Karabella Aurora 8.

Since persistance is a part of my knitting philosophy, what are the other parts, one might ask? And that brings us back to the whole knitting ADD thing, or "What the heck will Jane start next?" The obvious choice would be to finish one of the one hundred and one things I have started and not touched for weeks...or months. But that would be the responsible thing to do, so clearly I will do the exact opposite. There's nothing quite like the lure of a brand new project to really get you going. And I am a total sucker for the rose-colored thrill of something new. So, I bought some yarn. *blush* Yes, I have enough yarn to bathe in, all of which is poorly concealed in my afforementioned dorm room (most college guys don't find yarn as attractive as I do). No, I don't need more. So I bought some more. Which makes plenty of sense. Yessirreebob.

I'm hoping to use this yarn that I ordered to finally make the Lace Leaf Pullover from Loop-D-Loop. I've liked this sweater for a long time, and I was reminded of my desire to create one when I saw pictures of the YarnHarlot's version. You'll have to color me envious, because she used the yarn that the pattern calls for, which is both hard to find AND expensive. I'm going to attempt to get around purchasing 500+ yards of polar weight yarn (because that stuff tends to be on the pricey side) by doubling a heavy worsted weight yarn from in lettuce. I swatched with another yarn I have in my stash that ordinarily knits to 4 sts per inch, and got gauge with the yarn doubled without the slightest hitch. Hopefully, the yarn I ordered will be so obliging. Hopefully, doubling this yarn will create a more blended effect to mute the handpainted color changes. Emphasis on the word "hopefully."

And since we're on the topic of shirking one's responsibilities and starting an umpteenth new project, I give you the Noro Silk Garden...

Silk Garden

...which is being turned into a Clapotis by yours truly as we speak!

Silk Garden Clapotis (beginning)

Anyone who actually thought I was going to solve my terminal case of project-itis, go smack yourself. Everyone else, stay tuned.
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