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Monday, November 28, 2005

If I had a nickel... 

...For every time I wished the semester was over, I'd be freakin rich. And I'd be able to pay someone to do all the work I didn't feel like doing, so I could relax, do my performances, and knit some.

Unfortunately, I don't have those nickels. Damn.

So, not much knitting has been going on at Casa di Jane (that's Italiano for my house, people) mostly because it is hitting that special time of the school year when you wish that there was a fast-forward button on the remote of life. I've got three concerts in the coming two weeks, plus an audition, two papers to write in a foreign language, at least two books to read, and a faux-lesson plan to dream up for my anthropology class. Say it with me people: AHHHHHHHHHH.

So, since I am just too damn tired to knit, how do I relieve stress? Why, I BUY YARN! Of course! This bit of delicious yarn pr0n comes to you by way of Flying Fingers, which I had the good fortune to visit the day after Thanksgiving. I took the train up to Irvington; I actually loved the train ride, because I got to gaze at the beautiful Hudson River both ways. Although it was what I (a weakling Californian) like to call "ass cold" outside.* This yarn pr0n is also generously sponsored by my Mom. Thanks Mom. I loves ya.

Moebius in the making

Exhibit A: A 40'' pair of Addi Naturas and some Classic Elite Beatrice (100% Merino wool) to go with it. The needles and yarn are currently creating a Moebius scarf, with a bit of help from yours truly.

Supersock and Alpaca

Exhibit B & C: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in River. Yum. Plus some Blue Sky Alpaca sport weight (I actually have a second skein of this, and the color is actually much brighter and more saturated). Double Yum.

(Not shown: A copy of the First treasury of Magical Knitting. I mean, it's just a book, so it's not really that exciting.)

I was hoping to buy some laceweight yarn while I was there, as I've been craving another shawl, but they didn't have much for lace, atleast not much that I found intriguing. This is not really a problem though, because I can get excellent laceweight for cheap from Knitpicks. Not to mention, I've been thinking about giving some of their heathered laceweight merino a try. Or I could order some Baby Cashmere from, or their Baby Silk. Mmm a cashmere and alpaca shawl...See? This is clearly a sign of stress. I need to step away from the computer right now and get working, before I purchase again!

*By the way, the term "ass cold" is not really specific to any kind of weather. Technically, it describes weather that is so cold that your ass actually gets starts to freeze underneath your pants and long coat. This term can be used interchangeably with "freakin cold," "really freaking cold," and "FUCKit'scold!"
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