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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Time flies ... 

As they say, time flies like an arrow. And fruit flies like a banana. Or something to that effect.

It's been a while since I've posted anything here...ok, make that a loooong while! This entry is going to be short, just plain knitting content. So, without further ado ...

I've decided to trash the mystery tank-top and make it with better yarn, because LB Microspun sucks (I can't write here what I'd actually say in person). I'm thinking I might use Knitpicks Shine, in either green, purple or blue. Or black. Gosh, can you sense a color theme coming through here?

I've also started the "Good Bias" shrug from IK Spring 05, in light limey-green colored Mission Falls 1824 Cotton. It's going swimmingly, and I've already got one sleeve done. The pattern calls for 7 skeins, but I only happen to have 6. However, I made it through one sleeve with some yarn to spare, so I think it should work out fine. Others have told me that they ended up with extra yarn for this pattern, plus I think my row gauge is a bit larger than the given gauge in the pattern. All in all, the Knitting Gods are working with me, not against me. This is probably because I have been placating them with frequent sacrifices from my bank account for more yarn. They are fickle and wrathful gods, dontcha know! So they are smiling on me, for now. Here's hoping it stays that way.
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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Branching out, up and away! 

Another FO. It might appear that I've been churning out knitted pieces left and right, but that is definitely NOT the case. I actually haven't been knitting very much at all lately, due to an unholy matrimony of work, a visiting boyfriend, and intensive first-year German class. I am so bone-tired I feel like collapsing somewhere. A woman cannot learn German, drive cross town every day, keep a job going, AND entertain a guest on 5 and a half hours of sleep. It is not physically possible. My body has begun a full scale rebellion, and I think my brain is getting in on the action. Soon I will become some kind of zombie ... a knitting zombie perhaps ... or just a regular one ... ANYWAY!

Here's Branching Out, blocking:

branching out blocking

And being worn:

branching out

Vitals- Pattern: Branching Out from Spring Knitty '05
Yarn: RYC Cashsoft DK in Lime, swapped to me by the Lovely Yarner ;) - I used just about a ball and a half.
Needles: Addi Naturas, Sz 6
Notes: A fun lace pattern, and pretty easy too. Plus it's so pretty.

I'm thinking of making a pair of little fingerless gloves/armwarmers to match, since I do have a ball and a half of yarn left over. I think I'm going to try to incorporate the leaf motif from Teva Durham's Lace Leaf Sweater. We'll see how that goes ... And no status bars yet. See the first paragraph for an explanation.
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