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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Template wars! 

More non-knitting content ahead. In blogging news, I'm thinking it's time to change the template here. The one I have now is nice, but ... well, it lacks personality. And it has nothing whatsoever to do with knitting. In fact, it evens suggests things other than knitting. I know, I know, it's geometric and abstract, but really! It just makes me think of travelling, or trains, or techno music -what's with the letter T here? Ahem. Like I was saying, this template may remind of many things (all begining with T, but that's not the point) but none of them are knitting, that's for damn sure. I have considered doing my own, but let's face it, the idea just scares me because the possibilities for totally screwing it up are ENDLESS. The other problem? I'm so indecisive, I can barely decide which socks to put on in the morning. Really. To keep my brain (and this page) from exploding, please make your opinion known, dear reader! And the contestants are:

Pretty dots! Simple, but girly. Colorful, but not overwhelming. And it's cheerful! It might be my favorite thus far.

Orange crush! What it lacks in subtlety, it makes up for with its in-your-face orangeness. The question is, how much do I really like orange?

Flowers! But it's not cheesy, like most of the floral web-templates I've looked at. I'm a fan of this one as well, I'm just not sure about how dark it is. Very pretty.

Gossip! Now don't get to excited, 'cause it's just a template. I think this one is so hilariously cute that I just had to put it in. Of course, it has less than nothing to do with knitting. But I love it. It's a serious contender.

So there they are folks! Btw, both of these sites (elementopia and anti-ivy) are excellent. They were far and away the best ones I had found for free web graphics. If you have strong feelings, please post a comment, it'll make my life. So, on that note: hail Caesar, we (templates) who are about to die salute you, and let the games begin! ;)
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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Come on in, the yarn is fine! 

If you ever wondered if I was crazy, the definitive proof is here:

Today I found the answer to 2 very profound questions. Personal questions that reveal something about my SOUL (or about how much I heart fuzzy yarn). How, you might ask did this happen? My discovery took place after I went to the bookstore (and grabbed At Knits End -a very funny little book! plus a gift for my friend Heather), went to the library (and was dissapointed that some other Pasadena knitter had checked out all the good knitting books before me ... bitch). But it was at my LYS (did I buy more yarn that I don't need? Um, do I really need to ANSWER that?) where these two important things were revealed to me:

1) One of my longterm knitting goals is now to one day have enough money and time and patience (and it's the first one and the last one that are really questionable) to knit myself a sweater out of Rowan Cashsoft. Because it is sooooo fuzzy. It would be the most cuddly thing ever. I'd be like my own walking, talking teddy bear, I'd be so huggable! I'd walk around like a complete nutcase, hugging myself all day!

2) My DB recently asked me to think, if I were disgustingly loaded, rich enough to wipe my butt with $100 bills, what totally frivolous and useless thing would I buy? At the time, I didn't know (other than the vague answer, "a shitload of yarn," which DB apparently considered way too predictable -ha!- so it didn't count). In my LYS, I discovered the answer:

A swimming pool.

And enough Rowan Cashsoft to fill it.

And in case you're wondering, yes. Yes, I would swim in it. Because it is THAT fuzzy.
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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I am alive, I promise ... 

So it's been a while since I updated here. Now, I'll admit it, this is mostly because I put the "pro" in procrastinate. Really, I need a button that says: "Procrastinators Unite ... Tomorrow!" That's the kind of person I am. But there were some legitimate reasons for me not updating, namely:
1) I had to finish a shitload of work for the end of my school year.
2) I had to spend time with all my pals who I'm not going to be able to see for three months.
3) I had to figure out some way to pack up all my crap and send it across the country to California (west side! woo-hoo! ... I know, I'm a loser).
It's really the last one that kept me busy. Because I was really looking forward to having summer vacation, and being done with work, and getting the HELL out of school. It's not like I'm not going to miss my friends, or my boyfriend, it's just that ... well, I'm not going to miss them THAT much. I need a periodic change of scenery, otherwise I go stircrazy. I'm a wanderer, like that cheesey 50's song! And to be honest, certain people were just getting on my nerves ... ahem.

Anyway, on to some knitting content, which is why you're all here, yes? ("All"? Who am I kidding?) Unbiased has been put on hold, not out of choice, but because it wouldn't fit in my suitcase, and therefore had to go in a box that is travelling towards me as I speak via UPS. But I"ve got over half of it done, so it can have a little rest. I'm also test knitting for Amy, which is alot of fun. Yes, someone is paying me to KNIT. Someone pinch me!

And I've finally (finally!) started the Minisweater! Finally! I'm almost done with the raglan increases, and it is looking so cute. I can't wait to wear it out and show it off, because I know it's gonna look HOTT. Yes, with 2 t's. I'm using Arucania Nature Cotton in a lovely cornflower blue. Where did I get this yarn, you ask? Mwahaha! Now I can get to the best part! SEX! No, not the "when-a-mommy-and-daddy-love-each-other-very-much" kind of sex. I'm talking about a hot and dirty Stash Enhancement eXpedition! I went into NYC during the last week I was at school, and spent a day in Seaport Yarn. Because, baby, you need a full day to take in this place. It's like a floor of traditional offices, except every corridor and room and available space except the bathroom (and that's only speculation on my part, because I didn't actually go in - the bathroom might be filled with yarn too) is absolutely JAM PACKED WITH YARN. I really had to restrain myself from spending everything I owned there. Plus the owner and her co-worker were beyond helpful and friendly. I came away with 5 skeins of Nature Cotton, 2 skeins of Rowan Kidsilk Haze (which I've been coveting for so long) in a fab hot pink/fushia color, and a lovely pair of size 6 35'' Addi Naturas. It was dreamy. I'll take pictures of it all, including my progress on the Minisweater, ASAP.

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Friday, May 13, 2005

What a Wonderful W! 

So, in case you couldn't guess by the title of this post, I finished W! I'm very satisfied with this project. It's one of the first wearable things I've knit, and by wearable, I mean "I actually want to wear this thing." I had to block it pretty harshly though. Before it was very ... lumpy. Ew. I put it in some hot water for a little abuse, and the merino shrunk just a bit, so now it looks quite nice and form fitting. Yay!



While you ponder the total impracticality of making a tank top out of merion wool, here are the stats:

Pattern: W from Knitty Spring '05, size Medium
Yarn: Worsted Weight Merino, colorway "Azul Profundo," about two or three skeins
Needles: Crystal Palace Bamboo Sz 8 32'' circular

Notes: Be careful not to bind off tightly at the end of the garter band! I had to unravel it the first time, and use a size 10 needle. Also, blocking is most definitely your friend with this pattern. If I make it again, I might consider making the size small for a closer fit. Because, while it's very lovely right now, I could see it being really sexy in the smaller size. Hmmm....plotting away...;)
- - - - - - - - -

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Even MORE new adventures! 

I just wanted to leave a quick update, before I go and knit some more. I've got the night all to myself, since my boyfriend chose to go and play cards with his buddies and not invite me (rrrr...the less said about that the better).

W has been stalled for a bit, atleast until I canibalize another section of poor Zelda's remains for more yarn. So I've started yet another new project! I just received some lovely recycled sari-silk yarn in a trade with Renee, so I'm making Unbiased, an old Knitty pattern for a purse. It's going to look really good, but I am sortof on the fence about whether it's my style or not. It might be a little too hippy-ish for me, but I think I'll wait until I'm done to decide that. If it isn't something I'll use, I can certainly give it to someone else. I wouldn't feel bad about it, because it's a pretty easy knit, so it wouldn't be as though my hard work was going unappreciated by a non-knitter who thinks that sweaters are made in a day.

In other news, I FINALLY found Kool-aid mix. FINALLY. I looked through 5 different stores. Most of them only had the pre-made stuff, which isn't concentrated enough to dye with. Others only had lemon or orange flavor, and since I want to try and change my brown Eco-Wool to a brick red color, lemon just isn't going to cut it. I'm so glad I got my hands on some (I bought both cherry and grape, just in case the cherry is too bright) so I can get around to dying the yarn and actually starting my Glampyre Mini-Sweater. I'm very excited about both making and wearing this project.

Now, off to knit!
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