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Thursday, March 24, 2005

See Jane frog. AGAIN. ...rrrrrr.... 

Yes, I had to frog the Sweater. A third time. I am convinced that the knitting gods are punishing me. Why else would I have to endure this kind of frogging hell? Hey, call me drammatic, but frogging just frustrates me. I've never had to frog something three times. Until now. Gather 'round children, and I will tell you the terrifying story.....

....It was a dark and stormy night. I had already decided to throw my calculations to the hounds (see the last post) and go by the seat of my pants, as it were. I was knitting away happily, only 8cm away from finishing the right front of the luscious Sweater, when suddenly I realized that something was amiss. I looked down. I counted my stitches. The post-it to the left is at the 18 st/10 cm mark, and the post-it on the right is the 20 cm mark.

sweater in progress

Holy rusted metal, Batman! I had atleast 35 sts, and I was supposed to be close to 18, the number I should have when I reached 50 cm in length. Dear God! I had twenty or so extra sts to get rid of in only 8 or 10cm of knitting. "How could this be?" I asked myself. So I laid my sweater front out on the floor and did a little unorthodox emperimenting. I laid a piece of string to mark the width of 18 sts, or 10 cm, and placed a post-it where it was 50 cm long (from the hem of the front). Then I stretched out my measuring tape diagonally from that point to the point where I began my increases.

sweater experiment

Next, I stretched out my tape measure along the diagonal created by the increases I had made. I marked where this line crossed the 18 sts/10 cm line with another post-it.


I measured from this second point down to the hem, and what did I find? That, if I continued at the present rate of decreases, I would either not be able to finish them before the front was too long (and have a neckline that would have no space for my neck!) or I would finish the increases and have a sweater front that was 62 cm long! What could I do to save it, but ... FROG?! HORRORS! HORRORS!

... I decided to frog down to the end of the first part of the waist shaping. That leaves me about four or five inches from the begining.


So here I am, frogging away.


...Well, you know, they say third time's the charm. I SURE FRIKKIN HOPE SO.
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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

See Jane frog. TWICE. 

The two different colored balls of yarn, against the back. .
ARG! The sweater has officially begun revolting against my control. I think it's the knitting karma gods, telling me to knit my sister's hat, or else.

This weekend I began the right front for the sweater. I chose my skein of yarn carefully, since there is definitely some color variation between skeins. I knew there was one lighter one and one greener one, as well as two that were similar to the back. So I grabbed one of the two that matched.......oh wait, did I say matched? BECAUSE IT DOESN'T. Somehow, I managed to knit 5'' of sweater-y goodness without noticing that it was definitely a shade lighter than the back. I discovered this unfortunate turn of events when I held them up next to each other. So I frogged that whole thing, and set that skein asside to be used for the ties or something. Or maybe the sleeves, since the color change might be less noticeable that way. I picked up another skein, after carefully checking its color and began to knit away on the right front. Sounds peaceful, no?

Well, the story is about to take a turn for the worse. Because I knit nearly the entire right front. And mean I was reeeeeeeally close to being done. And then I noticed it. Something was very wrong. The left side, the one with the waist and armhole shaping, looked lovely. But the other side.....HORRORS! Instead of a strong diagonal of about 45 degrees from one corner to the other, I had something that was much closer to a straight line. A VERTICAL LINE. Meaning that, if I continued in this way, I would not have a place to stick my head through this sweater. Or the wrap would have such a high neckline that I'd look like a nun. EW. How could I have made such a mistake? I looked at my calculations, and found an error in my use of the magic formula to calculate the decreases. OOPS. So I fixed the error in my math, and came out with numbers that were.....just like the ones I had already. Give or take a few stitches. WTF?! I decided, -in a fit of knitting pique- screw this magic formula BS! I'm gonna decrease every other goddamn row until I like the way it looks! HA!!

...And so I frogged. A second time. :(
- - - - - - - - -

Sunday, March 20, 2005

See Jane catch sweater-itis 

This sweater is so much fun to knit, I can't stop myself! It's like a disease! "Oh no! Someone, find a doctor! Call 911! She's caught the SWEATER!"

Now, this is only a problem because I do have other things to knit as well, one of them being a Kittyville hat for my sister. I made myself a Kittyville hat as my first real project (real = not a scarf) and my sister liked it so much that she requested one for herself. Below is a picture of the original hat, which I made using Lion Brand Wool-Ease, and also enlarged for my gaint head (seriously, it's giant; the hat is 24.5'' around and fits me SNUGLY).


I was more than happy to make another one since I didn't read the errata for the pattern, and ended up with three times as much yarn as I needed! It's coming along decently (as you can NOT see from the percentage bars on the right- I can't get them to work for the life of me!) and I've finished the actual hat part, which is what took me the longest the first time around. Hopefully I'll be able to tear myself away from the Sweater to finish this hat.

- - - - - - - - -

Friday, March 18, 2005

See Jane knit her first sweater! 

Since I've already done a test post, I figured out how to use my mom's digital camera (I still don't posess one of those magical pieces of technology) so that I could try and upload some photos of my favorite WIP: my very first sweater! The pattern is from the Adriafil website; it's called the "Zelda Jacket" but people, it's a sweater. And a lovely wrap sweater to boot. The original pattern called for one of Adriafil's own yarns which was not only nearly impossible to find, and rather expensive, but was also -in my very humble opinion- butt ugly. Tweedy, super-chunky yarn in shades of purple, brown, and olive. Yuck. Clearly, substitution was a must. That's why I used a yarn that is so far from butt ugly, it lives in a different zipcode. I got my hands on some of the very last of the worsted merino -in the azul profundo colorway- from I did have to do some crazy math to change the pattern, but it was worth it. I was beyond satisfied with my order and would highly encourage all knitters to take a look at their website. I admit that it took a while for the yarn to get here (a sudden rise in popularity overwhelmed their small, mom&pop operation) but HOO BOY was it worth it! This yarn can actually be described as BUTTERY. and the colors are so beautiful I could CRY. And it was CHEAP, TOO. I love it. Here are some picks of the yummy colors (they're darker in person) of my two remaining hanks and two wound into balls:

Originally uploaded by fridayschild928

And here's a picture of the finished back:

Originally uploaded by fridayschild928


See Jane's knitting blog take its maiden voyage! 

Here it is, in all its glory! Another knitting blog. Since this is essentially a test post, I thought I might give the why and wherefore of this spankin' new blog. I decided to start this for three reasons:

1) Seeing so many knitters with blogs showing off their fabulous projects makes me jealous! I too want to show off my mad knitting skizills!

2) Having a knitting blog means that I can use my other blog to actually record the events of my daily life. This means that all my out-of-town friends -and anyone else who might be reading that thing- won't have to wade through all my knitting ranting and raving just to see if I'm still alive. Plus, the more knitting inclined readers won't have to wade through my daily life ranting and raving just to see if I'm still knitting.

3) I can have a place to go on and on about knitting without fearing that I'm boring friends or family to tears. After all, if you're not a knitter, then what the hell are you reading THIS for?!

And here it is! To quote one of my favorite movies, The Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers, "...And so it begins."

Tee hee!

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